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Welcome to the Marcus Pointe Residential & Golf Community! On behalf of the Association’s Board of Directors, we welcome you. The Marcus Pointe neighborhood is nestled within the Marcus Point Golf Course community located in beautiful Pensacola, Florida. We are family friendly with 497 homes and growing. Marcus Pointe is a green community and well-designed subdivision. This website has been established for the convenience of the Owners to allow you to quickly and efficiently find the information you need about your community. It is the goal of the Board of Directors to offer the most important information about your Association conveniently and in one place through this website. Some of the information available includes: information about the Association and the Board of Directors, as well as important contact information, meeting dates, news, events, links, newsletters, documents, meeting minutes, etc.


Day: Third Monday of every month 

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Location: Oak Room at the Marcus Pointe Golf Club

Owners are encouraged to attend! 


Day: Third Monday of every month

immediately before the Board of Directors Meeting

Time: 2:00 p.m.

Location: Oak Room at the Marcus Pointe Golf Club

If you have submitted an Architectural Request, you are urged to attend this meeting (if available) in order to expedite your approval process!



​Our Association is proudly managed by Etheridge Property Management which works off the direction of the Marcus Pointe Board of Directors. For more information on EPM and what they do for our Association, please visit their website at: Their primary purpose, among other duties, is enforcement of the Association’s Restrictive Covenants. As the covenants require all yards, landscaping, driveways, structures and improvements be diligently and properly maintained, EPM assists in ensuring all residents are cooperating with these requirements.


We thank you for being the best part of Marcus Pointe and thank you for visiting our site to get to know your community, and all about the Marcus Pointe Homeowner's Association. 


The Marcus Pointe Board of Directors




The Marcus Pointe Homeowners Association employs Kevin Etheridge of Etheridge Property Management as the Association Manager. The Management Company is your point of contact for all Association affairs (assessments, upkeep of the common areas, enforcement of the association's CCR's, etc.) Please contact EPM with any concerns or suggestions that may benefit or improve our neighborhood.

Head Office

Etheridge Property Management

c/o Marcus Pointe H.O.A.

908 Gardengate Circle

Pensacola, FL 32504

Office: (850) 484-2611

Fax: (850) 484-2925

Click here to see what your Management Company does for your association! 

Etheridge Property Management Pensacola, FL

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